Telling the Century-Old Story of Industrial Detroit

A Symphonic Exploration of The History of the Motor City

Songs act as monuments to the memory of a culture. There are many kinds of songs, of course. Some are happy, taking flight to express the joy found in love or honor. Some are sad, delving deep into chasms of regret and despair. Our song is a requiem.

We do not sing it solely in sorrow, for a requiem is so much more than an expression of regret for the loss of the living. Rather, it honors the lives of the dearly departed and petitions for eternal rest on their behalf. At The Urban Requiem Project, our song is for the history of Detroit, Michigan, a city that was born, lived, and died, as surely as any person. We sing it out of love, in the hope that our city may rest eternally in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

Definition of Requiem in Oxford Dictionaries

an act or token of remembrance
Pronounced - rekwiem Click Here

When a child is born, their loved ones help them and raise them up until they are strong enough to walk on their own. When they are older, they make plans and proceed with their lives, exerting their strength and their influence. When they are old, they fall into the arms of their helpers again and they pass away, having built up their legacy. Such was the case with the mighty and influential city of Detroit.

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About the project

When we forget our history, we lose our cultural identity. In essence, this means we lose sight of ourselves. The Urban Requiem Project is committed to ensuring that never happens, by preserving our city's remarkable history. We must hold tightly to the music of Detroit, to its legacy of ragtime and blues, to its jazz and bebop, to its big band music and rock and roll. We mustn't forget its contributions to techno and to hip-hop, or its massive influence on pop music through the Motown Sound.

Joseph Striplin Paradise Theater Jeff Mills Motown
Alice Cooper  Funkadelic  J Dilla MC5
Eminem Baker's James Jameson Funk Brothers Mojo MFA

Many of the great auto factories of Detroit lay vacant in our time, but they must continue production in our cultural imagination. The struggles of women and men over the last century may be over, but we must wrestle with them in our thoughts evermore. To that end, our organization tells stories in music, prose, and through the recollections of our ancestors and elders. The experience we offer is electronic, symphonic, and operatic, sailing through the channels of the past to view the historical people and ideas, the streets and the factories, of the world's industrial Mecca. We want to share this enlightening, entertaining, and educational experience with everyone. Please join us.

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