Our Expression of Praise for Detroit's History

At The Urban Requiem Project, we are proud to say that we are based in Detroit, Michigan. Our cultural organization seeks to honor Detroit's history, to lift it up, and to examine its pervasive influence. We remember our city's greatness as we lay our thoughts at the feet of its legacy.

In honor of

An Eulogium for the Motor City

Today we honor you... we recall your beginning and we remember... As your humble head gradually rose...things began to fall into place, you began thus... thus evolved this industrial base that rounded corners. ... You incubated this, this outcropping of a new economic crop. You led the nation in ship building, freight car and iron stove manufacturing, and the production of timber and tobacco. Once the inventor introduced the Quadricycle, you were ordained to be the industrial Mecca that would ignite a nation and thus transform a world.

Industry began constructing itself on your land, landing opportunities of reconciliation. You were the beacon of hope; an amalgamation of nationalities ran to you, searching for light because their past was too dark. Former slaves sanguinely crossed the Mason Dixon line bearing a crucifix of optimism, praying to never be enslaved again. The assembly of the assembly line created the engine that would drive mankind and thus would innovation lead leaders to the revolution of the time... and thus we pay homage to you...

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