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No person is ever more disengaged than when they fail to be curious about their surroundings. Worried that the younger generation was not engaging with its past, we founded The Urban Requiem Project in order to explore, promote, and tell remarkable stories about our local history in Detroit, Michigan. We understand that our city was arguably the most influential in the world during the most important era in human history. We firmly believe that its story must be carried onward.

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Our Project

Detroit culture is special. In order to preserve and honor it, we've collected dozens of interviews over the past decade, gathering stories, free verse poems, senryus, and haikus. Through these mediums, we dive into the thoughts, feelings, and spirit of Detroit during its industrial era. With epic readings of both fictional and nonfictional accounts, we describe the struggles of everyday Detroiters over 100 years of history.

As part of engaging with the story of Detroit, we express our appreciation for our own corner of it through the acronym UR313. It stands for Urban Requiem 313. We use this number as part of our organization's brand to represent our area code. To some, it might seem like a small thing. For those who live in the 313 area and the rest of Detroit, it means so much more. It is a piece of who we are, and it represents the foundation of the stories we'll tell through this project. We hope you'll take part by watching and listening to our stories and the greater tale of the birth, life, and death of industrial Detroit.

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